##* Addiction Roll

asparagus, ebi shrimp, cream cheese & spicy tuna topped with crab mix, salmon, jalapenos, pico de gallo & avocado with chaca sauce

*Chaca Roll

shrimp tempura, krab, cream cheese, ginger cream, cucumber with avocado, cream cheese, escolar & tempura flakes, chaca sauce

*Crunch Tuna Roll

panko crusted roll with tuna, avocado & scallion

Dancing Eel Roll

krab, avocado & cucumber with smoked eel

*Dr. Fran Roll

shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, masago & scallion with tuna & avocado

*Dragon Roll

shrimp tempura & asparagus with avocado & salmon

Forget About It Roll

shrimp tempura, ginger cream, masago & scallion with avocado & crawfish

## Latino Roll

shrimp tempura, asparagus, cilantro, ginger cream, cream cheese W/avocado, Krad, jalapeno & lime juice

Lobster Roll

shrimp tempura, masago, ginger cream & scallion with avocado & lobster

Love at First Sight

charbroiled white fish over a California roll

*Marry Me Roll

shrimp tempura, ginger cream, masago with avocado, tuna, strawberry & kiwi lime glaze

*Philadelphia Roll

avocado, cream cheese & masago with smoked salmon

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*Rainbow Roll

krab avocado & cucumber topped with assorted fish

##* Roulette Roll

"Take a Gamble" - Chef's choice roll with one blazing hot piece

*Sashimi Roll

salmon, krab & scallion wrapped with cucumber

Sexy Roll

shrimp tempura, masago, ginger cream & cilatro with avocado, crawfish & mango

Spider Roll

soft shell crab, masago, asparagus, greens, avocado & scallion

* The Bullet

spicy salmon mix, cucumber, shiso with avocado & escolar, cilantro, puree & spicy ponzu

* Tri-Color Sashimi Roll

tuna, salmon, escolar, krab & scallion wrapped with cucumber

Vegetable Summer Roll

aspargus, seaweed salard, carrot, tomato, mango, cucumber & greens with spicy ponzu & chili oil

* Vietnamese Summer Roll

salmon, tuna, krab, greens, mango & asparagus wrapped with rice paper, spicy ponzu & sesame

## Volcano Roll

charbroiled crawfish over a California Roll

* Wasabi Crusted Slmon Roll

panko crusted roll with salmon, cream cheese & scallion

* White Lotus

krab, cream cheese, shrimp tempura topped with escolar, pico de gallo & white truffle sauce

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## Customer Favorite

*Consuming raw or undercooked beef, poultry or fish carries the risk of possible food borne illnesses.  Please notify the server if you have any food allergies prior to ordering.